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Sustainable development of new technologies for oil and gas exploration in China

From: Date:2017/8/8 17:19:59 

"12th Five-Year" during the study of major generic technology subject, reservoir development experiment method to study the new method of oil and gas development new technology support for oil and gas exploitation has been strengthened and modified in situ heavy oil exploitation, scattered flooding system technology to show good application prospect, the two achievements won the group Invention Prize and the Petroleum Chemical Industry Automation Association award. This is the reporter from the June 16th science and technology management department organized the development of new technologies and methods of oil and gas research projects will receive information.

With the deepening development of old oilfields and the rapid increase of low grade reserves and unconventional resources, China Petroleum has paid much attention to strengthening basic research and reserving advanced technology, and after 5 years' efforts, substantial progress has been made.

In the in situ modification of crude oil viscosity, new technology and new methods for oil and gas development project research group developed oil soluble catalyst in a reaction kettle of super heavy oil viscosity reduction rate of 98%, and in the realization of self starting and heat temperature oxidation catalytic modification, to provide technical reserves for the green and efficient utilization of company of group of 10 billion tons of heavy oil and super heavy oil reserves. In the new generation of chemical flooding agent is developed, initially with trial production capacity kg based active nano materials, nano laboratory samples synthesis of 4 kinds of function and master its nano metal modified method, lay the foundation for the old oilfield greatly improve the recovery rate of disruptive technologies.

A new generation of reservoir numerical simulation software to improve the expansion of multi constraints in geological modeling, flooding simulation functions such as reducing viscosity and low permeability, multimodal chemical emulsification, preliminary application modeling, water flooding and chemical flooding three simulation software integration, and applied in many fields, leading the forefront of oil and gas development technology. A new experimental method of oil and gas reservoir development and reservoir formation of digital core application integration platform, the development of reservoir characterization and process of phase permeability test are used in a number of domestic and foreign oil field, enhance the supporting role of depth of oil gas field development.

Tangible results of the project: 24 patents, 4 technical specifications, 3 prescription samples and 2 sets of experimental equipment. Acceptance Committee unanimously agreed to pass acceptance, comprehensive evaluation is excellent.

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