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Li Keqiang: efforts to expand cooperation with Russia in oil, gas, nuclear power and other energy fields

From: Date:2017/8/8 17:19:59 

Premier Li Keqiang met with Russian President Putin on a state visit to China at 25 p.m. in the Great Hall of the people. Vice Premier Zhang Gaoli attended the meeting. Li Keqiang spoke positively of the current progress in Sino Russian relations and cooperation in various fields. He said that President Xi Jinping met with the president many times during the year, which effectively promoted the comprehensive and in-depth development of Sino Russian relations. This year coincides with the signing of the Sino Russian Treaty of good neighborliness, friendship and cooperation, the signing of 15th anniversary and the establishment of a strategic cooperative partnership between China and Russia. 20th anniversary, the development of bilateral relations faces a new opportunity. China is ready to continue to deepen political mutual trust with Russia, promote pragmatic cooperation in all fields, promote friendly exchanges between local and non-governmental organizations, and write a new chapter in China Russia friendship.

Li Keqiang pointed out that the current world economy is uncertain and unstable factors are still increasing. The global economic recovery and economic growth of all countries require a stable political environment. We are willing to work with Russia to advocate the Eurasian Economic Union to strengthen joint cooperation, will soon reach the trade and investment and other institutional arrangements; in accordance with the principle of shared interests and risks, efforts with Russia in the oil and gas, nuclear power, coal, electricity and other energy fields to expand downstream integration and cooperation; to promote mutual investment and cooperation projects, to carry out currency swaps; the payment system and financial cooperation in the multilateral framework. The two sides should also jointly run the Sino Russian media exchange year and other activities, and further promote education and other human cooperation, so that Sino Russian friendship is more deeply rooted.

Putin said that the comprehensive strategic cooperative partnership between Russia and China is comprehensive, powerful, rapid and promising. China is Russia's largest trading partner and the foundation for economic cooperation between the two countries is increasingly strong. Russia is willing to work with China on the Eurasian Economic Union building and Silk Road Economic Belt construction for docking cooperation, and strive to achieve results as soon as possible; the principle of mutual benefit, and actively promote the capacity of cooperation, deepening oil and gas, nuclear power, coal, electric power, aerospace, aviation, transportation infrastructure and other areas of cooperation, carry out the third market cooperation. Support the expansion of bilateral economic and trade cooperation between the two places, and jointly promote the quality and quantity to enhance economic and trade cooperation in russia.

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